Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve

Eligible members of the Selected Reserve can receive up to 36 months of education and training benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs through this program.

To qualify for this GI Bill® program, reservists must meet certain training and time commitments. Your eligibility period may be extended if you're ordered to active duty, and the time commitment can be waived if you were discharged due to a disability not caused by misconduct. Find a summary of the requirements in the Department of Veterans Affairs' publication, the Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve pamphlet (PDF).

You might be eligible for this benefit if you've served in the:

You'll need to follow a series of steps to apply for these benefits. While this might seem daunting, don't be discouraged. The Office of Military Services (OMS) has experience with all procedures and can help with each step along the way.

Before you apply for this program, it's a good idea to get a DD Form 2384-1 (PDF), Notice of Basic Eligibility, from your unit.

Assistance may be used for

Note: You may now use the the Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606) and federal tuition assistance from your branch of service at the same time, only if you are greater than part-time. 

To find out more or if you need help, contact OMS at 703-993-2428.

view of the monument on a cloudy day

The Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial, in Lady Bird Johnson Park on Columbia Island in Washington, D.C., is a tribute to members of the Navy and the Merchant Marine who died at sea during World War I. The monument, designed by Harvey Wiley Corbett, was completed in 1934.