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If you're a member of the Virginia National Guard or are considering joining, you could qualify for up to $8,000 a year in financial aid for your education.

Members of the Virginia National Guard who have completed basic military training and members of the Reserve Officer Training Corp Cadets (ROTC) who have completed the Leadership Development and Assessment course are eligible to apply.

Tuition assistance, which applies to tuition and books only, is paid directly to your school. If you accept this benefit, you agree to serve in the Virginia National Guard for two years after finishing your course work. You'll need to turn in your grades within 30 days after the end of each semester.

If you leave the service, fail the course, or don't maintain your GPA, you'll have to pay the funds back.

Application deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: July 1
  • Spring Semester: November 1
  • Summer Semester: April 1

The National Guard Education Service Office (ESO) will send an official Memorandum including a list of students approved for each semester directly to Third-Party Billing at Mason. The fund will post to your account once Mason invoices the Army. In the meantime, you will see a memo on your account for an expected payment.

Inquiries can be made to:

Virginia Army National Guard
JFHQ, G1 Education Office
BLDG 316 Fort Pickett
Blackstone VA 23824

For more information, contact the Virginia National Guard at 434-298-6222. If you have general questions, reach out to Mason's Office of Military Services at 703-993-2428.

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