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The Co-enrollment BSN Nursing Program (Veteran) (VCE) provides you with the opportunity to combine your unique military experience with Mason's innovative curriculum to earn your BSN.
Nursing Opportunity for Veterans

The Co-enrollment BSN Nursing Program (Veteran) (VCE) provides you with the opportunity to combine your unique military experience with Mason's innovative curriculum to earn your BSN.

Mason's admissions process is the same for military and veterans as it is for everyone else. However, you have a resource that others don't—help and guidance from the Office of Military Services (OMS).

The university requires certain information and application materials from all prospective students. Everyone must pay an application fee and provide a selection of forms and documents such as:

  • High school transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts from universities/colleges you've attended
  • Standardized test results.

If you're applying through the Common Application, these items can be uploaded there. If you're applying through the Mason application, documents can be sent electronically or mailed when you apply. Graduate students can also apply online.

Veteran Henry Thomas and his wife, Marjorie, are pursuing degrees that will let them give back to other veterans. Henry was wounded in Afghanistan in 2011. He was awarded a Purple Heart and subsequently received a medical retirement. He's completing his undergraduate degree at Mason and plans to enroll in the two-year master’s program in social work offered by the College of Health and Human Services. Marjorie is pursuing a master of public administration degree with the help of an ERPi Patriot Scholarship for Veterans and Dependents of Veterans from the Schar School of Policy and Government.


There are certain deadlines in the admissions process that you need to be aware of as a freshman or transfer student. For example, applying by certain dates makes you eligible for some scholarships. There are also some programs (nursing, dance, some engineering) that require applicants to meet additional qualifications. If you have questions, contact your academic adviser, or check with OMS.

Aubrey Whitehead, a former Air Force officer, left his U.S. State Department job to pursue a PhD in education at Mason and investigate why high school students avoid STEM programs. "Research shows," he said, "students want to learn about science." He chose Mason because of the quality of its faculty. “I looked at a lot of schools,” said Whitehead, who has a master’s degree in human resources development. “It just made sense.”


Applicants to Mason's graduate programs must meet certain criteria, such as holding a degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education, or international equivalent, and meeting certain grade standards. Some programs also require that you pass certain tests to qualify for admission. Be aware of testing and application deadlines.


VA defines matriculated as having been formally admitted to a college or university as a degree-seeking student. VA educational benefits cannot be paid to non-matriculated college or university students unless they are pending admission to your school. In that case they can be certified for two quarters or semesters.  The only courses that can be certified are those required for admission and those required if admitted.

If you have any questions, contact OMS at 703-993-1316 or the Office of Admissions at 703-993-2400.